Power Technologies AC-GO-16™ Charging Cabinet for 16 Chromebooks or tablets

Charging Cabinet for 16 Chromebooks or Laptops

The AC-GO-16™ charging cabinet is part of the GO series, known for its versatile, durable, and high-quality device management solutions. This cabinet is perfect for educational settings, offices, and any environment where efficient, secure, and organized charging of multiple devices is needed. With its compact design and flexible mounting options, the AC-GO-16™ is a practical and reliable choice for managing your Chromebooks and tablets.

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AC-GO-16™ Charging Cabinet for 16 Chromebooks or tablets

The AC-GO-16™ charging cabinet is designed to charge, secure, and transport up to 16 Chromebooks or tablets. This compact and versatile cabinet offers efficient basic charging capabilities, making it an ideal solution for environments where space is limited but effective device management is necessary.

Key Features:

  • Charges 16 Devices: Capable of charging up to 16 Chromebooks or tablets, each up to 14 inches in size.
  • Basic Charging: Provides reliable and straightforward charging for your devices.
  • Baskets for Easy Deployment: Includes 4 colorful carry-out baskets, each holding 4 devices, simplifying deployment and organization.
  • Locked & Secure: Ensures devices are securely stored and charged.
  • Desk or Wall Mountable: Flexible installation options allow for mounting on a desk or wall, optimizing space usage.
  • Full Metal Construction: Ensures durability and longevity.
  • Lifetime Frame Warranty: Guarantees long-term reliability.
  • Fast Setup: Class-leading power adapter storage area and integrated cable management ensure a quick and efficient setup process.


  • Device Capacity: 16 Devices
  • Basket Depth: 26 cm
  • Basket Height: 37 cm
  • Number of Baskets: 4
  • Devices per Basket: 4
  • Exterior Dimensions: 61.6 x 65.1 x 29.2 (cm)
  • Product Weight: 24 kg
  • Shipping Weight: 25 kg

Additional Features:

  • Charging Streamlined: The basic charging system ensures your devices are charged efficiently without complicated settings.
  • Setup Simplified: The vented and separately keyed secure power adapter storage area on the top of the cabinet makes setting up AC adapters easy and secure. Simply place your adapters, run the cords through the cable management guides, and plug them in.
  • Deployment Made Easy: The colorful carry-out baskets enhance organization and ease of device deployment.


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