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AC-PRO-II™ Designed to charge, secure and transport up to 40 Chromebooks, Laptops or Tablets

Power Technologies AC-PRO-II™ Charging Cart For 40 Chromebooks, laptops, or tablets


Power Technologies AC-GO™ Charging Cart for 32 Chromebooks or Tablets or Laptops

AC-GO™ Designed to charge, secure and transport up to 32 Chromebooks or tablets.

Power Technologies AC-MANAGE™ Charging Cart for 36 devices upto 17 inches

AC-MANAGE™ Charging Cart 36 devices Laptops, Tablets &Chrome Book

The AC-MANAGE™ charging cart is part of the PRO series, known for its versatile, durable, and high-quality device management solutions. With smart charging capabilities, secure storage, and easy network management, the AC-MANAGE™ is the perfect solution for environments that require efficient and reliable management of a large number of devices, ensuring both their physical and data security.

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 AC-MANAGE™ Charging Cart 36 devices with screens up to 17 inches

The AC-MANAGE™ charging cart is designed to charge, secure, and manage up to 36 devices with screens up to 17 inches. Featuring smart charging technology, robust security measures, and network management capabilities, this cart is ideal for environments requiring efficient device management and secure network connectivity.

Key Features:

  • Charges 36 Devices: Capable of charging up to 36 devices, including Chromebooks and tablets with screens up to 17 inches.
  • Smart Charging: The 15-minute cycle timer charging system ensures all devices are charged efficiently.
  • Locked & Secure: Strong locking mechanisms secure all devices during charging and transport.
  • Cable Management: Integrated cable management keeps cables organized and in place.
  • Network Management: Facilitates network security by allowing the addition of a managed networking switch.
  • Full Metal Construction: Ensures durability and longevity.
  • Lifetime Frame Warranty: Provides assurance of long-term reliability.
  • Directional Locking Wheels: Enable smooth and stable mobility.


  • Device Capacity: 36 Devices at 3.93 cm
  • Shelf Width: 44.5 cm
  • Shelf Height: 34.0 cm
  • Exterior Dimensions: 110.6 x 101.8 x 68 (cm)
  • Product Weight: 124 kg
  • Shipping Weight: 136 kg

Additional Features:

  • Charging Streamlined: The 15-minute cycle timer simplifies the charging process, ensuring devices are efficiently charged without the need for manual settings.
  • Setup Simplified: Exclusive removable AC adapter baskets make setup hassle-free, reducing physical strain and simplifying the process. Just open a side door, place your adapters in the baskets, run cords through the cable management guides, and plug them in.
  • Mobility Made Easy: Directional locking wheels ensure easy movement and secure positioning of the cart.
  • Network Management Made Easy: When network security is an issue, adding your own managed networking switch keeps device apps and content safe.


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