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MAXHUB UC S15 Multi-function Videobar

MAXHUB UC S15 All In One collaboration Video bar 4k


MAXHUB  UCS07 All-in-one Video Conferencing System with 6 Microphones, Ultra HD 4K/1080p/720p

Maxhub UCS07 all in one video bar

AI Auto Tracking PTZ Camera AVer PTC330UV2 dubai

AI Auto Tracking PTZ Camera

  1. 4K Ultra HD Resolution
  2. 30X Optical Zoom & 12X Digital Zoom (360X Total Zoom)
  3. Human Detection AI
  4. Click & Track Functionality
  5. Presenter Mode, Zone mode, Hybrid Mode
  6. Intuitive Web UI
  7. Upside-Down Installation
  8. Optional Voice Tracking (requires PTZ Link)
  9. 4K Output Resolution
  10. Versatile Connectivity: IP, HDMI, USB, 3G-SDI
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AVer PTC330UV2 AI Auto Tracking PTZ Camera

Introducing the AVer PTC330UV2 AI Auto Tracking PTZ Camera, where precision meets versatility in Pro AV capabilities.

Designed with inspiration from AVer’s Professional PTZ Camera family, this camera incorporates advanced AI features, including Presenter Mode, Zone Mode, and Hybrid Mode auto tracking, powered by Human Detection processing. Elevate your audio and video capturing experience with the following key features:

  • 4K Ultra HD Resolution: Delivering ultra-precise auto tracking, the PTC330UV2 ensures a remarkable video performance through every frame of your production.
  • 30X Optical Zoom & 12X Digital Zoom: With an astounding zoom power of 360X, this camera captures every detail, even while panning and tilting, allowing for dynamic shooting angles.
  • Human Detection AI: AVer’s advanced Human Detection AI enables the PTC330UV2 to swiftly detect and capture human forms and moving objects, ensuring you never miss a tracking target.
  • Click & Track Functionality: Simply click on a target to swiftly adjust the shooting angle and initiate precise tracking, providing instant redirection capabilities.
  • Presenter Mode: Allow presenters the flexibility to move around the stage while being continuously tracked, ensuring the camera stays locked on its target.
  • Zone Mode: Enhance content capture on multiple displays by creating up to four Content Zones, focusing on display content rather than presenter movements.
  • Hybrid Mode: Ideal for performing artists, this mode provides freedom of movement with preset areas for segment tracking, seamlessly transitioning to tracking mode when leaving preset areas.
  • Intuitive Web UI: Easily operate advanced features via remote control and an intuitive web user interface.
  • Upside-Down Installation: Flexible installation options for varied recording setups.
  • Optional Voice Tracking (requires PTZ Link):* Enjoy voice-activated tracking for added convenience.
  • 4K Output Resolution: Equipped with 4K resolution for superior video quality.
  • Versatile Connectivity: HDMI, USB, RS-232, RS-422, and 3G-SDI connectivity options.
  • Optional NDI® Upgrade: Elevate your cameras with NDI®|HX for seamless integration into your networked AV setup.

Experience the pinnacle of AI-driven auto tracking with the AVer PTC330UV2, where every moment is captured with precision and clarity. Elevate your broadcasting, streaming, and recording capabilities today.


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