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MAXHUB TCP20T Touch Meeting Room Control Panel


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Aver DL30 Distance Learning Tracking Camera

Aver DL30 PTZ Camera for distance learning

Key Features:

  • Ideal for Distance Learning and Hybrid Classrooms
  • Full HD 1080p Resolution for Clear Imaging
  • 12X Optical Zoom for Enhanced Visibility
  • Presenter Mode for Flexible Presentation Styles
  • Zone Mode for Customizable Tracking Areas
  • Hybrid Mode for Versatile Teaching Environments


  • 12X Optical Zoom, 1080p @ 60fps (Maximum 1080p)
  • Three Tracking Modes for Adaptive Functionality
  • Video/Audio Output: IP, USB
  • Audio Input: Line In
  • WebUI and PoE+ Support


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Aver DL30 Distance Learning PTZ Tracking Camera

Boost Your Distance Learning with Auto Tracking

In the era of distance learning and hybrid classrooms, the AVer DL30 Distance Learning Tracking Camera emerges as an essential solution for online education. Connected to a laptop, the DL30 empowers educators to deliver presentations dynamically, allowing students to engage in learning from any location. This tracking camera eliminates camera shyness, enabling teachers to teach authentically and according to their preferred style.

Perfect for both online and offline education, the AVer DL30 offers simple controls and plug-and-play connectivity, making it an ideal addition to every classroom. This versatile camera enables seamless interaction between students attending remotely and those physically present, fostering a collaborative learning environment. With features designed to enhance student engagement, the DL30 is perfect for creating dynamic distance learning and hybrid learning setups.

Key Features:

  • 12X Optical Zoom: The DL30 boasts a 12X optical zoom, providing clear and distortion-free imaging. Whether capturing the entire classroom panorama or focusing on specific details, this camera ensures stable and detailed shots, allowing teachers to unleash their creativity in hybrid teaching environments.
  • AI-Powered Human Detection: AVer’s advanced Human Detection technology automatically identifies human forms in the classroom and dynamically tracks targets or areas using multiple tracking modes. No additional devices or sensors are required, allowing far-site students to easily follow the teacher’s movements.
  • Presenter Mode: Offering superb tracking and anti-interference functions, the Presenter Mode enables teachers to move freely within the classroom. Instructors can adjust tracking settings, stream, and record, enhancing the substance and vividness of their teaching. Switching the tracking target is as simple as clicking a button on the remote control.
  • Zone Mode: Accurate segmented tracking in Zone Mode displays content on the blackboard or screen, automatically adjusting the tracking area based on the teacher’s position. This feature allows simultaneous display of content and the presenter, making it easy for students to grasp key points at a glance.


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