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DMS-10™ is designed to manage, secure, charge, and disinfect up to 10 shared smartphones

DMS-10™ Charging cabinet for charge & disinfect 10 Smartphone


Power Technologies CRT-LTE-B30L-U AC 30 Bay Tablet and Laptop Charging Cart

30 device charging cart crt lte b30l by power technologies

Charging Cabinet 30 Shelves

Charging Cabinet 30 Shelves

Capacity: up to 30 devices

Overvoltage protection > Smart charge 2.1 A

3 locking points & Ergonomic side bars

Performance indicators

Omnidirectional wheels with brakes

Silent cooling fan

UV lamp & Sliding light for easy access

Optional wall mount

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Charging Cabinet  with 30 Shelves

Efficient Charging and Secure Storage for 30 Devices

The 30-unit charging cabinet is your solution for charging, safely storing, and managing power cables for up to 30 tablets, mobile phones, and other USB devices. Ideal for educational, office, commercial, retail, industrial, and health environments, this metal cabinet ensures long-term durability through its robust steel construction. Its adaptable design guarantees compatibility with future devices.

Key Features:

1. Optimal Security:
– Triple-Lock Security: The key lock with 3 locking points ensures maximum security, preventing theft, damage, or alteration of the devices.
– Sliding Drawer System: Easy access to the devices in charge, streamlining the charging process.
– Ultra-Quiet Fans: Efficiently dissipate heat, protecting devices from overheating during the charging cycle.

2.Fast and Safe Charging:
– 30 USB Ports: Enjoy the fastest charge supported by each device, providing up to 2.1A per port.
– Surge Protection: Safeguard your devices with surge protection, ensuring their longevity.

3.UV Decontamination System:
– UV Lamps: The cabinet features ultraviolet (UV) lamps that activate when the door is closed.
– Pathogen Decontamination: UV radiation effectively destroys viruses and bacteria, offering a layer of decontamination against pathogens present on the devices during the charging process.

Elevate your charging and storage experience with this comprehensive 30-unit cabinet, combining robust security, efficient charging, and advanced UV decontamination for a safer device environment.


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