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Monitor Display Arm Desk Mount 1 Screen

Monitor Display Arm for single Monitor

Elevate Your Work Hours with our Screen Arm

Our screen arm is a crucial addition to your work environment. Crafted with a robust aluminum structure and adhering to the standard VESA universe, it is designed to provide significant comfort and ergonomic support, guarding against the risks associated with poor posture.

Experience a more comfortable and productive workday with the reliability and flexibility offered by our screen arm. Its durable construction and adherence to universal VESA standards ensure a seamless and ergonomic solution for your workspace.

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Monitor Arm for single Monitor Display

Display Arms for Single Monitor

Upgrade your workstation with our display arms designed for a single monitor, offering a range of features for optimal functionality and ergonomic comfort.

Key Features:

1. Wide Screen Compatibility:
– Supports wide screens up to 32 inches, providing versatile compatibility.

2. Fully Articulated Arm:
– Enjoy a fully articulated arm for flexible and optimal positioning of your monitor.

3. Double Orientation:
– Easily switch between landscape and portrait modes for customized viewing.

4. Ergonomic Design:
– Ergonomically designed to reduce musculoskeletal disorders, promoting a comfortable and healthy workspace.

5. Cable Management:
– Efficient cable management system frees up space on your workstation for a clutter-free environment.

6.Heavy Screen Support:
– Robust design supports heavy screens weighing up to 8kg (17.6 lbs).

7.Quick Installation:
– Screen installation is quick and convenient, thanks to the removable VESA attachment (100 x 100 mm and 75 x 75 mm).

8.Two Installation Methods:
– Choose between two installation methods on your desk: clamp or eyelet base, offering flexibility to suit your preferences.

Enhance your working experience with these display arms, providing not only practical features but also a sleek and ergonomic design for a more comfortable and organized workspace.


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